How to look young again

Looking young is all about getting rid of the wrinkles and buying the right color of hair dye right? Wrong!

Sure, you can work on things like wrinkles with some of the gazillions of wrinkle creams on the market, and you can dye your hair bright copper in the hopes that it will take longer than two weeks for your roots to show, but can you do anything that really makes you look young again?

You can start by doing away with your bad habits.

Smoking is the worst

Smokers tend to have yellow or brown teeth, the whites of their eyes get dull, and their skin wrinkles, discolors, gets age spots quicker and looks and feels like leather.

Does this sound like a young person to you?

Once you stop smoking your skin will begin to regenerate because you won’t be killing your good skin cells with all those toxins.

Restrain on coffee and alcohol

Too much coffee, alcohol and sun can do just as much harm. Keep in mind, though, that certain wines are great for your heart in moderation, and sunlight is wonderful for your body and your mind, but not so much that it damages your skin.

Healthy eating

Eating healthy and being fit at any age makes you look younger. Healthy eating includes a daily balance of the right kinds of foods while avoiding too many calories and bad carbohydrates.

Avoiding too much of everything is just a good idea. Studies have shown that people who eat less and maintain a healthy weight, while still getting their daily nutrients, will look younger and live longer. Put away the bon-bons and beer and go get some exercise instead.

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