How to feel young again

Feeling young means feeling good which means feeling healthy and happy.

You’re not going to feel happy for feel good if you are unhealthy, and therefore you’re not going to feel young, either. So we’re back to the diet and bad habits again. Giving up the bad habits and eating a healthy diet is a sure way to get healthier, feel better, and that alone should make you happier.


Exercise is the next thing on the get happy menu. Exercise releases all kinds of happy hormones in your body and brain. Get at least 30 minutes of exercise each and every day. It doesn’t matter what kind of exercise it is, just do something to get your blood flowing.


Laughter is proven to make you feel healthier, happier and younger. Sign up for a movie club and rent at least two funny movies a week. Find a favorite sitcom that makes you laugh and a favorite comedian you can listen to.

Even better, go out and party with some funny friends. If they don’t make you laugh, then you make them laugh and laugh along with them. Show your friends how to get young again, too.

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